Any service over $70  Includes all-day access to our eucalyptus steam room, cedar-wood sauna, outdoor heated pool, jacuzzi, robe, locker, and complimentary fresh tropical fruit beverage and herbal tea bar.

Our couple-friendly Day Spa is co-ed, so bring a bathing suit so you can swim, soak, steam and sauna together. 

Desert Island Sauna

Our Desert Island sauna is a perfect place to lie back and relax as your body is enfolded in dry heat. Experience feelings of peace and contentment, relax your mind, lift your mood, fight fatigue, anxiety and depression while your body’s knots gently loosen themselves.

The physical benefits of a sauna are just as plentiful. Stimulating your bodies natural ability to eliminate toxins, our sauna will help your sweat glands to cleanse your skin, purge your system and stimulate your circulation.

Eucalyptus Steam Room

The Eucalyptus Steam Room will enfold you in moist, penetrating heat, allowing your body to completely relax. Steam also liquefies toxins and impurities hidden in even the smallest body channels. Once liquefied, your body can more easily eliminate these toxins and impurities, allowing your skin to regain its natural youth and softness.

Swimming Pool

The soothing sounds of our waterfall will transport you to island serenity, whether you choose a lounge or refreshing dip. Our outdoor swimming pool provides a refreshing way to cool down after a sauna or steam. During the winter the pool is heated, to provide the perfect year-round setting for water aerobics or a lazy float on one of our pool loungers. You may also enjoy sunbathing in the privacy of our Oasis Courtyard.


Bermuda Whirlpool

Worries, aches and cares all disappear in the healing vortex of our Bermuda Whirlpool. Physicians and physical therapist regularly prescribe hydrotherapy to relieve pain, increases circulation, reinforce metabolic function and stimulate the body’s healing powers. Relax and rejuvenate the way professional athletes do, with a nice long soak in our whirlpool.

We look forward to sharing our island paradise with you!