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Simply Swedish Relaxation Massage

25 min  $70 / 50 min $110 / 80 min $160

The goal of a Swedish massage is to improve circulation, muscle tone and joint flexibility, while reducing muscle tension. A Swedish massage is not deep bodywork so it is perfect for relaxation and revitalization.

Therapeutic/Deep Tissue Massage

 25 min $80 / 50 min  $120 / 80 min $175

There are times when a nice relaxing massage just won’t do. When overused muscles scream for relief, Therapeutic Massage comes to the rescue. Designed for the relief of chronic and acute muscle pain in specific areas, Therapeutic Massage goes to the source of the problem to provide relief. Though sometimes quite intense, this modality is very effective in reducing muscle tension allowing for greater range of motion and increased flexibility in the areas that need it most.


 25 min $75 / 50 min $120 / 80 min $175

Reflexology, also called zone therapy, is an ancient healing technique. It involves a scientific massage of the feet. Reflexology is based on the principle that the feet are mini maps of the body. Each organ, gland and body part is perfectly mirrored and connected to a corresponding area of the foot through a network of nerves. If there is a block in the nervous system, the corresponding body part is adversely affected. A steady, even, and gentle pressure is applied to specific points in the feet. This pressure breaks down any blocks and improves energy flows. Reflexology can also improve your circulation, stimulate the body’s natural healing. Follow your reflexology with a Beach feet pedicure for the ultimate luxury. Feet that look as good as they feel!

Hot Stone Massage

75 min $170 / 105 min  $220

Our Hot Stone Ritual enhances your  relaxation with deep penetrating heat from heated lava stones and warmed massage oil. Some stones are strategically placed near important muscles and joints to melt away tension while others are used to coax muscles to relax with long smooth massage strokes.

The benefits of the Sunset Hot Stone Massage include decreased pain of arthritis and muscle strain, restored circulation, enhanced muscle relaxation, increased flexibility and balanced energy

Many of our guests say this is the most relaxing massage they have ever experienced. In the hands of our caring therapists, these ancient lava stones really can transport you to paradise!

Pre-Natal Massage

50 min $120

Maternity massage will enhance your relaxation by sedating the nervous system and soothing your nerves. This is especially important because a healthy pregnancy is a peaceful pregnancy.

A Pre-natal massage differs from a regular massage in several important ways. It is a light, pampering massage which increases your circulation and the removal of toxins from your cells and blood stream while producing the necessary level of relaxation

Other differences include the position of your body and areas of concentration.

TANDEM: 4-Hand Swedish Massage

50 min $220 / 80 min $320

All the benefits of a Simply Swedish Massage times two. Two massage therapists massage the guest simultaneously creating the ultimate relaxation experience that is twice as nice! (Also available for couples as a Tandem 8 hand massage)


Tango Treats in our Couples’ Suites

Every day is Valentine’s Day at Spa Lamar where couples can swim, soak, steam, sauna and relax together in our couple friendly co-ed spa!


Couple’s Simply Swedish Massage

 50 min  $230 / 80 min $335

This side by side massage is perfect for couples who want to share every moment of their spa day. It is also an ideal way for seasoned spa goers to introduce their less adventurous friends to the miracles of massage. Dual tables are oriented so the guests can relax together while each therapists works in tandem with the other to make sure both guests receive the perfect massage experience.

Couples Hot Stone Ritual

75 min $350 / 105 min $450

What feels better than a Hot Stone Massage Ritual? A Hot Stone Massage Ritual with a friend! This thoroughly relaxing massage combines the penetrating heat of strategically placed smooth lava stones, warm oil and the hands of two specially trained therapists to create a truly memorable spa experience. Couple’s use of our steam, sauna, whirlpool and heated pool are also included so when you purchase a Spa Lamar gift certificate, you are not just giving someone you love the gift of a massage, you are giving them a complete spa experience!

TANDEM TANGO: 8 Hand Swedish

50 min $450 / $650

Double your pleasure with a Tandem Swedish Massage for two that’s twice as nice. Four specially trained massage therapist work together to create twice the relaxation for two very lucky people. Fans of this modality say that their minds can’t concentrate on so many simultaneous sensations so they are forced to surrender to total therapeutic bliss.