Finding the right yoga or fitness class is a little like finding a great pair of shoes. You may try some that are more comfortable than others in your search for the ones that are just right. If you don’t love a class, no worries, there are plenty of others to try. Sometimes the journey is as rewarding as the destination…

Morning Bliss

Happy starts here! Supercharge your internal vibrations and tap into your body’s innate healing potential with Yoga designed for strength, serenity and happiness!

Basic Yoga

This class is great for those who are new to yoga. The same basic sequence of basic yoga postures, yogic breathing techniques and relaxation will be followed each class. The repetition prevents new students from becoming overwhelmed and allows them to become very familiar with various yoga poses.

Vinyasa Flow

Intermediate Flow is an energetic, intermediate-level Vinyasa flow class that introduces more advanced poses and sequences with optional inversions and arm balances set to upbeat, positive music.

Kundalini Yoga 

Kundalini Yoga is said to be the “yoga of awareness”, delivered to raise the flow of energy in the body – the Kundalini – each individual possesses, to give an experience focused on cultivating well-being and elevating energy flow.

Strengthen and Rebalance

Using a series of yoga postures and intricate muscle movements guided to engage a flow creating a balance of strength, stability and flexibility in the body and mind. Deep, guided relaxation is used in the last portion of the class to initiate a deep, active recovery and re-balance after intense muscle work. 



A series of carefully sequenced, gentle poses encouraging stillness by activating a set of psychological changes that allow the mind, body and soul to restore and heal from the effects of stress. This class deeply relaxes, rejuvenates, and harmonizes the body leaving you nourished and well rested.

Therapeutic Influenced Yoga

This class will focus on slow movements addressing injuries, imbalances and restrictions. We will extensively use props (and chairs if needed) to find movements that will help restore and increase movement and mobility. Perfect to those newer to yoga, with physical concerns and restrictions and also for anyone just looking to slow down and focus on alignment. Class will be taught based on the needs of the attending students! Great for Silver Sneakers participants!

Yin and Yang Flow

Suitable for all levels, Yin and Yang begins and ends with gentle postures to target the connective tissues of the body that are not normally exercised in more active (Yang) styles of asana practice. Postures are held longer to access ligaments, joints and create a meditative mindset and mood. The practice moves towards the yang with a brief, gentle Vinyasa flow to lengthen and strengthen muscles. The combined effect is a calmer state of mind, increased flexibility and strength in a low-impact class. Music and meditation themes are used to enhance your Yin-Yasa experience! Beginner and above.


Yoga Nidra 

Utilizes asana (poses), energy and breathing techniques to profoundly restore the body.  Yoga Nidra was developed  “to still the mind in order to see.”



This class offers the art of controlled movements focused on improving tone, flexibility, overall strength and endurance of the body. 

PRIVATE SESSIONS Available by appointment.

Relax, energize and remove toxins during your very own personalized yoga session. You will receive adjustments and a customized sequence to meet your specific goals. Great for beginners-advanced. 

We also have teachers trained in pre-natal, child and family, adaptive yoga and meditation by appointment.